ATI Decorative Laminates is an industry leader in developing innovative surfaces for the contract, hospitality and retail markets. ATI provides a diverse line of high quality decorative wall coverings that will give your interior a creative, unique look. ATI provides the highest quality Decorative Thermoplastic laminates, Metal High Pressure Laminates and custom capabilities on a variety of substrates including Metal, FRP, Glass and Ceramic Tile.  What truly sets ATI apart the competition are the custom capabilities. From specialized manufacturing methods to in-house CAD and graphic designers, ATI offers amazing adaptation capacity to meet and exceed your client’s needs.  ATI’s products can be used in a wide range of applications from Countertops, to Wainscot, Modesty Panels, Room Dividers, Shower Enclosures, Wall Coverings, High-abrasion resistant wall panels, Impact-resistant wall panels, Table Tops, Elevators, Shower and Tub Walls, Ceiling Tiles, Backsplash, Light Diffusers, Retail/POP Displays, and Column Wraps.


Decorative thermoplastic available in sheet and roll form.  Decorative surface is fused to its substrate utilizing several proprietary techniques that create a laminate suitable for its intended use.  Available in wainscot, ceiling tile, backsplash, and full 4×8 sheets.  Coordinating grid and outlet covers available in many finishes.



A collection of HPL with a real metal surface and phenolic paper backing.  NuMetal Sheets are usually 4’x8’ in Aluminum, Copper, or Real Stainless Steel and feature embossing, hand painting techniques, etching, and other techniques to enhance the look of metals.



ATI’S Lumisplash product line is a patent-pending, multilayered, ultra-thin 1/4″ (6mm) decorative laminate that emits light evenly across its surface and has impressive impact, scratch, chemical, and abrasion resistant properties.


NEW! Artful Metals

Artful Metals, a bright new collection of metal and patina-inspired finish options available on a variety of 4′ x 8′ Fusion substrates, including newest textured substrate, Pebble Aluminum.  Designed to respond to the increasing demand for easy-to-install, yet eye catching metals, the Artful Metals Collection contains 15 unique, metal options that range from bright colorful patinas, rich oxidized coppers, and artistic modern-treated metals available in 4′ x 8′ size.


ATI’s Fusion program is a varied assortment of adaptable, durable surfaces fused with custom or stock imagery, allowing you to create your own work of art.  By combining ATI’s ever-expanding line of graphics or your own artwork with more than a dozen substrate options, you can make a unique, custom design perfect for your business or home.  You can use Fusion for such applications as wall art, divider panels, displays, and large format murals allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Available Products