Counterbalance modular torsion spring system is designed to take the effort out of lifting and supporting lids, covers, countertops, and electro-mechanical equipment. By carefully controlling the release of spring energy to counteract the pull of gravity, the counterbalance holds the lid open, and balances the load in every intermediate position.

Lifts light to medium weight flip-up counters

Lifts medium to heavy weight flip-up counters

Moveable counter provides ADA accessibility


  • Counterbalance products neutralize the weight of covers, lids, hatches, countertops and electro-mechanical equipment
  • Useful for equipment and countertop applications across diverse industries, including medical, industrial, military, education, hospitality and food service
  • Products for applications ranging in weight from 8 ounces to 2,000 pounds
  • All products meet RoHS criteria
  • Custom products/solutions available