The award winning Striplox joining system is simple to use, strong and secure, making every unique joining and hanging application perfect.

Striplox is used on solid timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features, balsa wood and more. Striplox is revolutionizing the hardware, design and cabinetry industries worldwide.

Simple to use, fully adjustable, highly customizable and made from environmentally friendly, durable, heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon, Striplox will meet all required needs in numerous applications.

Aesthetically, Striplox replaces visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other mechanical components providing leading edge design solutions.

Striplox can be surface or recessed mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions.  Striplox can be used for permanent or reversible assembly and reassembly.

All Striplox solutions are engineered to the highest standards with full FEA, laboratory and physical load testing to ensure the toughest of conditions and criteria are met.


Striplox Pro 55

The Striplox Pro 55 – connects objects together in seconds. The unique and innovative 2 part connecting and fastening system delivers strength and durability in one action by transferring load capacities evenly over the entire joint with amazing results. Striplox Pro 55 connectors can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application by either surface mounting or rebate mounting and orientated vertical or horizontal to provide you with a perfect totally hidden fixing (No visible screws, fasteners, cam & dowels, brackets or cover caps.)


Striplox Pro 23

Striplox Pro 23 connectors can be used on a variety of applications ideal for fastening and connecting walls and ceiling paneling, commercial partitions, architectural panels and sheeting, feature displays and floating shelves, and much more.  Using the Striplox Pro 23 connector allows for easy installation and assembly of modern architectural features fixed to walls or ceilings, floating shelves or just connecting and fastening almost any panel products, frames, displays, cabinetry or furniture in seconds – without tools or technical skills and no loose fasteners or glue.  You will be amazed with it’s strength and versatility and varied range of uses.


Striplox Shelflox

The Striplox Shelflox is an ultra strong, fully concealed solution for fixing horizontal shelving or vertical panels. Adjustable to suit a variety of depths from 215mm (8.5”) to 600mm (23.6”), this strong and permanent solution allows for shelving to be quickly installed simply by sliding into the locked position. It has the added benefit of shelves being able to be positioned opposite each other horizontally with one single end panel saving substrate and transportation costs.  It is suitable for all cabinets, furniture, closets and designed for minimum 16mm (5/8”) substrate either MDF, particle board or timber. No need for visible 32 system holes.


Striplox Megalox

The simple to use, ultra strong, Striplox Megalox is ideal for bench and table top installations of mitre join, T join or box joins. You can design office partitioning exactly to your unique specifications. The Striplox Megalox is the perfect solution for office, bathroom, furniture, toilet partitions and locker room installations and manufacturing. Benchtop Waterfalls and custom designed kitchen benches can be created with ease and no time delays waiting for glues to dry. The Striplox Megalox is a convenient (RTA) system that enables flat packing for easy transportation. Striplox Megalox can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application, surface mount or rebate mount and orientated for vertical or horizontal assembly.


Striplox Mini 60

The Striplox Mini 60 connectors are an invisible joiner suited to everyday builds, custom cabinets, wood joints and anywhere else you commonly use biscuit joints, fasteners or  cam and dowel products. Creating a tight, neat, fully concealed solution that can be permanent or fully reusable joint every time.  Integrating Striplox into your products and processes is easy. The Mini 60 uses existing methods for installation with no specialized tools required, delivering a fast, strong assembly of components or panels either in the factory, in the home or on site.


Striplox Mini 120

Striplox Mini 120 connectors enable a rapid assembly with a fully concealed joining and fastening solution to any piece of cabinetry, furniture or design applications.  The Striplox Mini 120 connectors produce a tight and strong joint either in a permanent or reversible configuration making them perfectly suited for commercial, domestic and architectural furniture, kitchen – bathroom and wardrobe cabinetry, commercial fit-outs plus many more applications.  The Striplox Mini 120 connectors are perfectly suited to a varying range of building materials including timber, medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, plastic, lightweight sandwich and composites and more.


Striplox 90D

The Striplox 90D 51 (2”) smaller compact 90° joining solution has advantages in application for fast and easy assembly of all 90° joints, including butt joints, T joints or mitre joints. Offering cost efficiencies during production this surface mounted 90D 51 (2”) is ideal for use in flat pack furniture, commercial applications, RV and marine uses. The simple one movement action to lock tightly ensures safe, reversible 90° joins in seconds.


Striplox 180D

There are no visible exposed screws connecting the two surfaces together perfectly. Striplox 180D can be either flush mount or recess mounted in 3 different directions – horizontal, vertical and under mount. Designed to be used on substrate from 12mm (1/2”) with speed and accuracy. Bench/counter top applications are made simple. Align together then lock tight with cover cap, this speeds up all assemblies. Any 180 degree/flat abutment application can be joined in seconds from exhibition walls, signage to furniture assemblies.


Striplox Griplox

The Striplox Griplox No 20 biscuit makes the ‘doing’ a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Traditional wood biscuits lose their shape and swell up in atmospheric conditions, resulting in substrate blowout. The Striplox No 20 grip Biscuit is the new solution. It will never lose shape, and its innovative gripping spikes secure your project in place, providing a superior result every time.  All you need is a hammer to knock it in saving time in clamping and eliminating the endless wait for glue to dry.


Striplox can be used with KING PLASTIC in a variety of applications. Discover MORE.




  • Kitchens & Bathroom
  • Cabinetry
  • Wall Panels
  • Furniture
  • Signage
  • Retail Displays/Designs
  • Wardrobes & Closets
  • RV/Marine
  • Feature Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • Acoustic Timber Walls & Ceilings