What is TFL? Thermally Fused Laminate, or Melamine is a composite wood-based panel onto which a decorative paper layer is thermally fused (using heat and pressure) to the top and bottom surface in order to create a durable and decorative panel. The melamine resins used to bond the decorative paper and panels together are renowned for their unique physical properties including: durability, hardness, scratch and stain resistance, as well as color stability.

Uniboard offers innovative textures that capture the essence of pure beauty, soft natural fabrics and authentic earthy textures. This luxurious and on-trend collection features neutral-toned wood grains and exotic linear designs that are versatile enough to transcend market segments and regional trends.

Uniboard’s TFL palette offers over 120 colors in 11 finishes offering superior quality, service and cutting edge technology.

Uniboard TFL can be used alone or can be complemented by HPL, edgebanding, 3DL and 5-Piece Doors.


  • 130+ Colors
  • 13 Textures
  • Complementary products like HPL, edgebanding, 3DL and 5-Piece Doors
  • Panels now available with DUO Technology: double-sided, synchronized texture