For more than 60 years Blum has been manufacturing superior quality hinge systems, drawer runners, and lift systems that create emotion and enhance user convenience in the kitchen.


TIP-ON BLUMOTION combines a mechanical touch-to-open solution with Blum’s patented soft close feature. TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX provides flexibility by offering the TIP-ON mechanism in three different strengths.

Box Systems 

Blum makes drawer systems for any type of cabinetry: the kitchen, bath, bedroom or office. Plus with Blumotion, drawers soft-close with ease. Drawer systems from Blum include LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX, TANDEMBOX BLUMOTION, and METABOX.

Hinge Systems 

Blum hinges are designed to address the needs of today’s kitchen. COMPACT are concealed hinges for face frame cabinets, while COMPACT BLUMOTION concealed hinges feature Blum’s soft-close technology. CLIP top hinges are concealed hinges for cabinet doors that are available with BLUMOTION soft-closing feature.

Lift Systems 

A versatile program of lift systems from Blum that include AVENTOS HF Bi-fold lift system, AVENTOS HS – Up and over lift system, AVENTOS HL – Parallel lift up system, AVENTOS HK – Stay lift system and AVENTOS HK-S – Stay lift system for smaller cabinets. All AVENTOS lift systems are available with SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS – an electrical drive that provides automatic opening for AVENTOS lift systems.

Organization Systems 

ORGA-LINE for TANDEM drawers is adjustable, so it fits in the space that you have and it can be rearranged to store the items that you need. A variety of ORGA-LINE Accessories make many kitchen tasks easier. Whether in the drawer or on the counter, everything is close at hand with foil and wrap dispensers, Knife holders, Spice trays, and Plate holders. There are ordinary organizational systems and then there is AMBIA-LINE. Its clean, straight lines and the dark gray finish not only fits snugly, but also perfectly matches the interiors of your LEGRABOX drawers.

Runner Systems 

Blum makes drawer runners for any type of cabinetry: the kitchen, bath, bedroom or office. Plus with Blumotion, drawers soft-close with ease. TANDEM is the premium concealed runner system for wood drawers. TANDEM plus BLUMOTION features integrated BLUMOTION soft-close runners with FOUR-DIMENSIONAL adjustment. TIP-ON for TANDEM is a mechanical opening feature for TANDEM runners. All TANDEM runners can be paired with SERVO DRIVE for TANDEM – an electrical drive that provides automatic opening for TANDEM drawer systems.  MOVENTO is the latest advancement in concealed runner technology. It brings together all of the features, innovations and benefits that Blum has developed since first manufacturing drawer runners in the 1960s.


  • Innovative family-owned company
  • Lift systems, hinge systems, runner systems, & 4 different motion technologies bring convenience to the entire home
  • Huge selection of products in stock for next-day shipping
  • Blum cabinet & drawer products are designed for effortless transitions that combine convenience and utility