The Georgia-Pacific Wood Product Division is one of the largest manufacturers of wood products in North America, with 38 plants across the United States and Canada.

The performance and value manufacturers have come to expect from UltraStock® MDF are now the result of a production process using 100% NAF resin. That means you no longer have to request UltraStock-FREE products to get their positive environmental contributions. Engineered to meet the thickness swell and bond integrity criteria required for an MR501 designation, UltraStock MR also provides premium workability for applications subject to moisture exposure.


  • Meets thickness swell and bond integrity criteria required for MR 50 designation
  • Manufactured with 100% NAF resin
  • Provides same physical characteristics and workability as UltraStock® Premium panels
  • Test samples meet bond integrity criteria of 50% of original MOR after accelerated aging.
  • May be used on interior window and door trim, baseboards and laminate flooring that may become wet from mopping, condensation or even foot traffic.
  • All UltraStock MDF panels are recognized by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as no added formaldehyde (NAF) products by Executive Order N-15-021a
  • Ideal for laboratories, locker rooms, laundry areas, cafeterias of schools, industrial facilities and other public buildings where wetness or high humidity are a factor