Doellken is the leading supplier of Edgebanding products and solutions in PVC, ABS, and Acrylic to the North American woodworking industry. With factories, service centers and distribution partners like Atlantic Plywood throughout North America, Doellken is uniquely suited to supply products and services to the industry. Doellken is part of the Surteco Group of Companies. Surteco is the leading supplier of surface technology in the field of decorative surface foils and Edgebanding based on hightech papers and thermoplastics. The Surteco Group has its own production sites on four continents, and has more than 1,200 employees.

Doellken offers an extensive variety of Edgebanding and related Edgebanding Products:

FusionEdge is a new generation of Edgebanding. Furniture manufacturers are able to visibly eliminate the glue line and offer exceptional bonding quality at the same time.

GlossLine™ is a clever alternative to genuine glass. It has the visual advantage of glass, but not its disadvantages in terms of processing, transportation and use.

SuperMatte Edgebanding developed using nanotechnology. SuperMatte Edgebanding, developed using nanotechnology, is scratch, stain and fingerprint resistant.

Doellken 3D Edgebanding Solutions are a step forward in modern design. Award winning and innovative, 3D Edgebanding technology allows for limitless possibilities.

Embossed Edgebanding provides heights and depths to create a visually fascinating interplay of light and shadow. 3D embossing is possible on both the front and the back of the Edgebanding.

PVC Edgebanding is the finest Edgebanding available on the market today. Our Edgebanding used in residential, office, retail, medical and kitchen furniture.

Available Products