Richwood Industries manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products used in the production of: office and healthcare furniture, dormitory and institutional furniture, commercial interiors, plywood and composite panels, and more.

Richwood is most well know for their PolyBak™ line of backers. PolyBak™ is uniquely manufactured by impregnating Kraft liner board with a polymer resin using a proprietary process. No formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing of PolyBak and it does not emit any detectable volatile compounds. PolyBak is sold in rolls and sheets. With proper storage in a dry, cool location, PolyBak is a stable product with an unlimited shelf life.

NEW! Customwood Pinnable LDF

Customwood LDF is a low density fiber board from Richwood Industries that is ideal for many applications including tackable panels and systems, privacy screens, tackable wall panels, movable wall systems, and door cores.



Available Products