Rincomatic® has been designing and manufacturing innovative, practical, quick assembly and customizable quality components for cabinetry since 1993. From decorative corner cabinet solutions, profile handles, and profile clip systems, all Rincomatic® products compliment modern design.

RINCO PLUS 40 Corner hinge which converts L-shaped corner cabinet into 100% accessible space achieving an optimal storage. +

RINCO BASIC 40 Decorative profile for the opening of independent doors in L shaped cabinets. ++

COMPACT 32 Decorative corner hinge for corner cabinet that provides a full access as well as a better storage. +

SYMA Profile Handles

SYMA 32+14 The combination of Syma32 with its complementary Syma14 simulates a gola style allowing an independent opening between the upper and lower front. Its vertical installation is ideal for closets. +

SYMA 32+2 INGLETE Syma32 inglete and Syma2 inglete integrated handles are an elegant combination to form a “C” look, achieving a contemporary design. Its can be used on doors with different thicknesses. +

SYMA 2 INGLETE Almost invisible profile handle that can be used for several applications: upper doors, complimentary handle for Syma32 inglete and also, as a perfect match for our Flat Gola Profile. +

SYMA 50+16 The design of Syma50 makes possible to achieve multiple combinations between door and handle thanks to its customization. Together with its complementary Syma16 simulates a gola style allowing an independent opening between the upper and lower front. ++

GOLA Profile Clip Systems

FLAT GOLA An ideal choice to get a modern and minimalist project. With this profile, you can alternate between horizontal and vertical application in any of your designs. +

TRADITIONAL GOLA Provides a modern style of seamless and minimalist lines. It does not require the installation of handles, reaching a clean look kitchen. ++

CUSTOMIZABLE GOLA Comprised of 2 profiles: upper-side and intermediate, that facilitates both vertical and horizontal application thanks to exclusive clip-gola Rincomatic and offers the possibility of being customized. ++

Sugo Handle

SUGO Handle An Elegant and cutting-edge handle alternative for a comfortable opening of doors or drawers. An ideal complement for Flat Gola profiles. +

+ In stock in Anthracite, Matte Black, Matte Inox Champagne, Matte Silver   

++ Special order item


  • Corner solutions are fully customizable
  • SYMA's innovative clip system makes installation a breeze
  • Gola Profiles use an easy Clip-System install