March 26, 2018

Uniboard Design 360

Designers and architects can now view patterns, colors and textures in a high-resolution digital format with Uniboard’s new Design 360, a 3D design program for the company’s decorative composite wood panel (TFL) collection.

With an image resolution up to 900 dpi, the Design 360 files have a realistic appearance and are calibrated for all types of web usage. Use the scanned TFL files with 3D design software, including 2020, SketchUp, Cabinet Vision and CAD software. Animated GIFs are also available, allowing users to see the texture as it appears on real samples.


Uniboard is the industry leader when it comes to textured melamine panels. Their EIR, or embossed-in-register, textures replicates the look of real-wood. The 3-dimensional nature of these finishes creates beautiful relief and light reflections in all vertical and horizontal applications.

Check out this video to learn more about Design 360



Uniboard recently added their 2018 Collection, which includes a brand-new palette that encourages a lavish blend of nature and design, where colors and textures pay tribute to the pure elements found in the most spectacular natural settings. Following a continuous evolution in innovative colors and textures, this extension of the TFL collection features luxuriously realistic and authentic styles, in warm, natural tones that bear a stunning resemblance to real wood.

The 2018 TFL launch is enhanced by a complete coproduct program including edgebanding, 3DL, moldings and doors.



K37- Endgrain



K34 Dorato Natural


K30- Spectra


H68- Kohl